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Tree Felling expert in London

Experts at you service.


Is there a large, dead or dangerous tree hanging over your property?


If this is the case you need a professional tree felling service to remove it safely.

Our team at Green Bear can safely dismantle and remove your trees without any



Wherever you are in London we can help you.


What is precision dismantling?

This technique of tree felling is ideal whenever there is a dead, dangerous or

damaged tree that can pose danger to your property. We use ropes and harnesses

to climb and dismantle the tree safely and efficiently.


With us you can remove:

  • Dead or storm damaged trees

  • Trees overhanging your building

  • Trees on a site with difficult access

Whether you need a hedge trimmed or a site cleared our skilled team are here

to help. Green Bear also has expertise in stump grinding.


Don't let your tree be in your worries just contact us for a free quotation.

Our team is fully trained and provide a high quality professional service. Contact us for a free no obligation quotation.


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