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Arboriculture involves a mulittude of services, here is a list of some of the things we offer.

Trees may need to be felled to the ground due to disease, safety or development of the land.


All the debris of the felling can be removed from site, or if preferred, left in logs, or chipped for garden mulch.

Once a tree is felled we are able to take care of the removal of the stump, by grinding it below the surface of the ground.

This is perfect if the client wants to keep their tree long term but if it has become problematic in size, growing too big for its environment, for example overgrowing onto a building or neighbours property.


All necessary branches are carefully and considerably pruned allowing the tree to maintain a natural shape.

This procedure is normally carried out on mature trees where the client is happy with the size and shape, but the density of branches needs to be reduced in order to allow wind to pass through the crown with less resistance, reducing the risk of branch failure.


The overall shape is not altered, but the canopy is just thinned by removing secondary, crossing or rubbing branches.

To increase the space in a limited area it is important to cut the lower branches.  

The maintenance or the reduction of hedge height is essential to control its growth. In particular species of trees trimming is important to retain its health and size. The Leilandei hedge/tree as an example if too large when it is trimmed may damage it or cause it to die.   

Vines & Climbers

Climbing vines can soon get out of control without regular maintenance, at GreenBear we have plenty of experience reducing and controlling these plants to help keep your gutters and windows clear and safe.

Our team has trained and fully ready to give you a very high standard of quality. Contact us for a free quotation no obligation call.

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